Overhead Crane Safety & Operation Course

Overhead Crane Safety & Operation Course

Learning Objectives

The Operators are required to acquire the necessary skills,knowledge and safety competence during lifting operations thus preventing accidents/mishaps

Who Should Attend?

Learners are intended to operate overhead crane operators to perform safe lifting operations

Certification Obtained and Conferred By:

Certificate of Successful completion given by BS Technology Pte Ltd

Course Content

  • Classification of Lifting Equipment
  • Trained & Competent Operator’s requirement.
  • Dos and Don’ts of Crane Operation-Safety Reminders
  • Crane Pre-Operational Checks ,Familiarization on Controls and Procedures
  • Basic Operating Functions
  • 3 steps Lifting/Lowering method.
  • Emergency Response/Shut down procedures

Course Duration:

1 Day Course
  • Training Hours – 4Hours
  • Assessment Hours – 1Hours

Medium Of Instruction

  • English

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